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The Industrial Empire
After WW3 companies started to take over the role of governments, resulting in the big company wars, even more devastating than the previous war. The surviving companies founded the Industrial Empire, a plutocratic republic. No stocks, no electoral rights. No money, no rights at all.

Sexcoin Intergalactic
Initially a spaceline, most known for the sexual skills of their stewardesses, today Sexcoin Intergalactic is the leading company for regular and charter flights. Because of it's vast and reliable network, covering the whole Empire, specialised spaceship and capable pilots, Sexcoin Intergalactic also is contractor for the Board of Companies, Police, Special Investigations and a variety of major companies.

Special Investigations
The secret service of the Empire.

United Space Corps
Military branch of the Empire.

Zero Space
A space without dimensions or time. The Zero Space Drive creates an artificial reality within that space that allows faster than light travel.

A disturbance in the artificial reality, cause unknown.

A phenomenon found within rifts.

Walpurgis class planets
Rare, earth-like planets with sumptuous vegetation but no fauna.