Category New Stepford
Welcome to New Stepford, the city where women not only are willing but obliged to serve men's sexual needs.

Office slut - Go
In the city of New Stepford all unmarried women older than 21 are supposed to have a job. The law is strict, if a woman is unemployed for more than 2 weeks it's social duty for her, usually as street or prison fuck. Irene, who only has a few days left to find a new job, decides to ask her cousin, who works for a big company, for help. Unfortunately, it turns out that all sexcretary jobs already are taken. But he has another job offer for her. PDF comic - 31 pages

New Stepford Housewife - Go
A good wife knows how to give hubby a warm welcome after a hard day´s work JPG picture story - 26 pictures

New Stepford Streetfucks - Go
Welcome to New Stepford, the city where women not only are willing but obliged to serve men's sexual needs. Steven, who happily moved to New Stepford with is mother as soon as he was 18, explores Stepford's downtown. A rough place, known for it's free-to-use street whores. To his joy, and much to her embarrassment, he discovers that his aunt is standing at the streets as one of those streetfucks, available for everyone. Zip comic - 49 pages

New Stepford Aunt - Go
Welcome to New Stepford, the city where women not only are willing but obliged to serve men's sexual needs. Steven’s aunt Gundula has moved to New Stepford lately to start a new life. Unfortunately she has problems to adjust to the New Stepford lifestyle so Steven pays her a visit to help his aunt with becoming a good Stepford woman. Zip comic - 56 pictures

Category SciFi & Horror
Mad scientists - Evil empires - Little witches

Agent Sybilla - The illegal snuff club - Go
Governments and national states are a thing of the past. The world is ruled by companies and banks, united in a plutocratic system. Social status and power depends on income and shares a person holds. No income, no stocks, no rights. The Imperial Police works independently from banks and companies. A special section of the police, the Imperial Agents, deals with crimes that threaten the security of the Empire. Sybilla is an Imperial Police Agent, infamous for her short temper and brutality. When corpses are found in the sewers and a snuff club is suspected, Sybilla is annoyed that she has to work on such a trivial case. Soon, however, she learns that there is much more behind this case than simple littering. PDF Comic 149 pages

Agent Sybilla - Deadly Dolls - Go
Dolls are androids based on organic machines. Their advanced artificial intelligence made them popular as service androids, and their look and feel made them perfect Sex Dolls. When nanites turned Sex Dolls into murderous killing machines, Sybilla is appointed to the case and she makes the alarming discovery that these nanites have close ties to her own origins. PDF Comic 139 pages

Little Witches - Go
Three girls, getting their hands on a old book about magic rituals, have the idea it would be scary fun to try one of the evocations and a old abandoned house seems to be the perfect location. Much to their surprise the ritual really works and a demon makes them his possession. PDF Picture story - 70 pages

The Mad Scientist - Go
Few have seen his hidden labs, and those who have wish they could forget, forget about the tentacles and parasites. JPG picture story - 50 pictures

Spacebabes in trouble - Go
Dangerous cargo gets out of control! Tentacles overwhelm the crew of spacebabes! PDF picture story - 62 pages

Robot City - Go
In Robot City the robots are the masters PDF picture story - 31 pages

Grave Keeper - Go
Being the keeper of a forgotten and derelict graveyard is a quiet job, not much to do. Occasionally you have to put a restless soul back to sleep or keep the gritters in check. But when a little witch shows up, stupid enough to think your graveyard would be a great place to practice black magic, it´s time to have some fun. Although you should watch out, even cute little witches can be dangerous! Promo Browser based interactive horror picture story. Tested with current versions of: Firefox (80.0.1) Chrome (85.0.4183.102) Microsoft Edge (85.0.564.51) Opera

Intergalactic Slaver - Go
Intergalactic Slave Trader You are a ruthless slave trader, specialized in selling human women to alien buyers. A lucrative but dangerous business. You and your gang use the lower abandoned levels of a mining complex on a hostile planet and, despite being bribed by you, the security chief of the mine tries to take over your biz. Download Demo Online Demo Browser based interactive comic with multiple storylines and animations.

Category Monsters
Orcs, goblins and other monsters on the hunt for women

Horny Orcs - Go
Horny orcs having their way with helpless human females. PDF picture story - 34 pages

Goblins and orcs - Go
The life of a adventurer is dangerous but female adventurers take some additional risks, especially when it comes to goblins and orks. PDF picture collection - 34 pages

Swamp Demon - Go
Breeding a swamp demon is a problematic task, unless you are a evil wizard. PDF 62 page picture story

Alice in tentacle land - Go
Poor Alice gets sucked into a magic mirror and dropped into the land of tentacles PDF picture story - 35 pages

Category Dolcett City
Imagine a world with an overwhelming amount of women, willing and eager to please. Imagine a world where it is quite normal to use women for sexual pleasure and..... as a supply for meat.

Slaughterhouse pickup service - Go
Dolcett City's newest public service, a pickup service for women who's number came up. Since a new law requires that a women makes her last trip to the slaughterhouse full nude Margret, a volunteer, decides against taking the bus. Sitting in a public bus, fully nude among strangers, would be to embarrassing for her so she wants to use the new pickup service instead. She should have taken the bus. Although this comic is based upon a dolcettish society and topics you will NOT find blood or gore here. You have been warned :) PDF comic - 32 pages

Last vacation - Go
A mother and her daughter make a last vacation before they have to report to the slaughterhouse. When they hear a big anniversary party on their ship they decide to volunteer as meat for the festivities. After a deep in inspection the captain accepts their offer. Although this comic is based upon a dolcettish society and topics you will NOT find blood or gore here. You have been warned :) PDF comic - 39 pages

Cigarette break - Go
The hard-working guys at the receiving department of Dolcett City's municipal slaughterhouse discover some good reasons for an unscheduled cigarette break. Their boss is not amused. Although this comic is based upon a dolcettish society and topics you will NOT find blood or gore here. You have been warned :) PDF comic - 30 pages

Slaughterhouse Report - Go
Merideth, Channel 6 star reporter, visits the country's biggest slaughterhouse to give her audience an inside look how meat is processed. Little does she know that this will be her last report. Although this comic is based upon a dolcettish society and topics you will NOT find blood or gore here. You have been warned :) PDF comic - 73 pages

Wife For Sale - Go
Because he has to move to another town a man decides to sell his wife and daughter. His wife is purchased by a boy from the neighborhood while is daughter is bought by a charity organization. PDF comic - 53 pages

Spit Training - Go
A sneaky daughter snatches some ´spit training´ from her dad PDF comic - 26 pages

Dolcett City - Family for sale - Go
Imagine a world with an overwhelming amount of women, willing and eager to please. Imagine a world where it is quite normal to use women for sexual pleasure and..... as a supply for meat. Every woman of legal age is obliged to take part in the governmental meat lottery. When her number comes up she has to report to the next slaughterhouse to be processed. To fund his old dream, running an own dairy farm, Mr. Smith sells his House, wife and daughters. It does not take long to find some buyers.

Dolcettish Lifestyle Collection - Go
- Garden BBQ at the Dolcett City suburbs - Meat delivery for a gourmet restaurant - Dangling Skirts Day. How Dolcett City celebrates the national holiday. JPG Picture Collection - 50 Pics

Dolcett U Whipping Exam - Go
Every Dolcett City boy or girl dreams of becoming a Dolcett U student. But the entrance exam is not easy. One part of it is the whipping exam. Girls have to prove that they can take a whipping, guys that they can administer a whipping. Simulation. Demo Tested with latest versions of: Firefox - Edge - Chrome - Opera

Dolcett High - Snuff Sports - Go
Sports is very important for Dolcett girls to stay in shape and become perfect meatgirls. But physical education at Dolcett High is not only demanding, because of the popularity of snuff sports it also is very dangerous for the girls. Zip comic – 49 pictures

Category Slavers & Slaves

Blackbirder Safari Camp - Go
On the hunt for ebony slavegirls JPG picture story – 31 pictures

Public Cum bucket - Go
Cum bucket is not the most desirable job in Slavegirl City, but it's a job and somebody has to do it. JPG picture story – 35 pictures

Public Cum bucket 2 - Go
Cum bucket is not the most desirable job in Slavegirl City, but it's a job and somebody has to do it. JPG picture story - 28 pictures

Slavegirl Asylum – Nursers at play - Go
Sadistic nurses of the Slavegirl Asylum having some fun with helpless patients JPG picture story – 41 pictures

Slave nuns of St. Dominus - Go
The slave nuns of St. Dominus undergo a intensive training before they are sent out to server all over the world. JPG picture story - 39 pics

The Bimbofication Institute - Go
The Bimbofication Institute Future bimbo fucktoy gets some intense training. JPG picture story – 34 pictures

The Bimbofication Institute 2 - Go
More fucktoy training for a future bimbo slut. ZIP picture story – 43 pictures

Milk Farm Manager - Go
Buy your first cow to start your own milk farm. Adjust the daily dose of hormones, food and exercise for her so she produces lots of high quality milk for you to sale. Make enough profit to buy more cows, slaves and equipment for your farm. Browser-based simulation. Tested with current versions of: Firefox (80.0.1) Chrome (85.0.4183.102) Microsoft Edge (85.0.564.51) Opera

Slavegirl School - Her first day - Go
Her first day at Slavegirl High First day on a new school always is hard, especially if this school is the Slavegirl Academy and you don´t know about the very strict dress code on your new school. Picture Story – 70 pages

Slavegirl High 2 - Go
The students of Slavegirl High fear detention. The teacher in charge usually makes sure that they wont forget this experience. Sometimes even boys from the nearby Slaver School come over to make things even worse.

Bimbo Maid Club - Go
Excellently trained Bimbo Maids give their best to serve and entertain you. Don´t miss the weekly auction where you can purchase trained and freshly converted bimbos. Zip picture story – 60 pics

Public Cumdump - Go
Being used as a helpless public cumdump is a tough job, but it get even worse when a group of juvenile delinquents decide to have some fun with you. PDF picture story – 49 pics

Slavergirl City - Toilet Duty - Go
Assignment to toilet duty is frowned upon with disgust by most slavegirls of Slavegirl City. But sooner or later all of them have to fulfill this public duty. Jpg Picture collection – 51 pictures

Category Family Slaves
StepfordX family slaves

Owning mom - Go
Emily and her son Robert, who moved to StepfordX as soon as he was 18, are adjusting to their new life in the city where all women are property. Robert to study slave trading history and economics and Emily to become her son's perfect sex toy. PDF comic – 32 pages

Sneaky Slave Sister - Go
A sneaky girl tricks her brother to win a kinky bet with their mother. PDF comic – 29 pages

Bimbofication Institute 3 - Go
Mother and daughter surgical bimbofied to become fucktoys. Part1: Bimbofication and first training. Jpg picture story – 70 pictures

Bimbofication Institute 4 - Go
Part2: After the successful transformation the mother and her daughter undergo their first fucktoy training. Cum drinking, deep throat and anal training. Jpg picture story – 42 pictures

Bimbofication Institute 5 - Go
As next step of their transformation into bimbo fucktoys mother and daughter undergo gangbang training. Jpg picture story – 42 pictures.

Category Bad old times

The Little Farm - Go
After the Apocalypse all technology and most animals are gone, mankind falls back into barbaric times. Only women who give birth to a male are allowed to live as humans, all others have to serve as livestock. JPG picture story – 39 pictures

Farm Slave - Go
Farm work is hard, especially for a poor slavegirl that has to pull the plow. JPG picture story - 26 pictures

At The Slavemarket - Go
The Slave Market Financial straits can cause serious marital problems, fortunately the laws of the Kingdom of Aquinas provide a simple and efficient solution for both problems, especially if you have a golden-haired, busty wife that brings in quite nice money at the slave market. Easily enough money to cover your debts and to buy an average looking, but trained and eager to please, slavegirl. PDF picture story - 31 pages

Slavegirls of Aquinas - Go
Life of a stable slave is hard, especially in a barbaric city with an ample supply of cheap slavegirls. Being spotted by drunk barbarians make it even worse and a boozily owner is not of much help too. JPG picture story – 38 pictures

Slavegirls of Aquinas - Tavern Slaves - Go
Life of a Slavegirl is hard, especially in a barbaric city with an ample supply of cheap slavegirls. Especially tavern slaves have to endure rough abuse by drunk barbarians day after day. Picture story – 32 pictures

Dungeons of Aquinas - Go
Endless fear and suffering awaits the unfortunate slavegirls that are thrown into the dungeons below the city of Ambrosis. JPG picture collection - 35 pics

Category Guro
Warning! Blood and guts here.

Cannibal Tavern - Go
Thoma, leader of a gang of scavengers, is on his way towards Ambrosis, the capital city of Aquina, his wagon loaded with slavegirls. Although slavery is legal in the kingdom of Aquina, Thoma prefers to avoid awkward queries and enters the city through a side entrance where the lone guard usually is very willing to skip on questions in exchange for a few coppers and a slavegirl's ass. This night his first customer is the innkeeper of a very special dive, a place some people know as the Cannibals Tavern and Thoma has a very special and valuable piece of meat for him. PDF comic – 36 pages Warning: Blood and gore!

Cannibal Tavern 2 - Go
Today’s Cannibal Tavern special, roasted tit, and a deal with the devil. PDF comic – 25 pages Warning: Blood and gore!

Patriarchic Empire - Go
After decades of war between the Patriarchic Empire and the Matriarchic Union the prisoners of the Empires POW camps are not supposed to leave the camps alive and the sadistic wardens have free rein with them. JPG picture story - 29 pictures

Resident Eater - Go
Researching a gene therapy for impotence Fuckarella Company accidentally created a virus that turns men into sex crazed, women eating monsters ( basically Dolcett Guys ;) ). The virus quickly spread over the world and the few men who turned out to be immune against the virus and the few women who was not eaten have to fight for their lives day after day. PDF comic - 33 pages

Dungeons of Aquinas – Fire & Iron - Go
Horrible punishments of unfortunate slavegirls with fire and glowing iron in the dungeons of Aquinas. Zip – 60 pictures

Category Dickgirl City
Daily life in futa city

Afternoon fun - Go
Two Dickgirl High schoolgirls hit the city to have some fun. They have that much fun that the Dickgirl Police has to step in. PDF picture story - 64 pictures

Dickgirl Checkup - Go
Constantly horny dickgirls need regular check-ups to ensure their health PDF picture story - 40 pages

Dickgirl Maids - Go
Well trained dickgirl maids serving and giving milk PDF picture story - 23 pictures

Public Dickgirls - Go
Two dickgirls fondled and used in public on a train PDF picture story - 28 pages

Rotten Dickgirl School - Go
Cute dickgirls bullied at a rotten school PDF picture story – 28 pictures

Dickgirl Gym - Go
Even dickgirls need a regular workout to stay in perfect shape JPG picture story – 63 pictures

Dickgirl High - Go
The strict teachers of Dickgirl High give their best to keep the horny schoolgirls in line. JPG picture story - 60 pictures

Futa Wars - Go
Mankind is attacked by futas from space. Countless men and women fell victim to the insatiable sex drive of the futas. Finally, after years of desperate fighting the invasion, one of the leaders of the invading army was captured. Time for revenge! Zip picture story – 67 pages

Category Sissyboy City
Daily life in the city of sissy and femboys

Sissy Country School - Go
Excited, a little insecure because of their new and revealing uniforms, the cute sissyboys are looking forward to their first day at the Sissy Country School. First thing they learn is that every day will start with a refreshing open air enema. Then they have to get acquainted to their special sissy chairs. One of them is afraid of the big dildo and tries to cheat, not unnoticed by the teacher. PDF picture story - 30 pages

Strapon Surprise - Go
Big strapon surprise for a little sissy JPG picture story - 30 pictures

Sissy Maid Mansion - Go
Visit for the mistress of Sissy Maid Mansion JPG picture story - 33 pictures

Sissy Slut Adventures - Go
Little sissy slut was looking for an adventure, and finds more than she was looking for. She runs into a street gang that knows how to use a sissy and finally is sold to an new daddy. PDF picture story - 61 pages

Sissies in space - Go
Life is not easy for sissyboys on a spaceship under the command of well endowed dickgirls PDF picture story - 63 pictures

Kinky Sissy Housewife 1 - Go
A kinky sissy housewife gets what she wants at the breakfast table. JPG picture story - 28 pictures

Kinky Sissy Housewife 2 - Go
A kinky sissy housewife and her friend take advantage of the milkman. JPG picture story - 30 pictures

Coffee party with sissy boys - Go
The hot aunts club meets for a special coffee party to show off their sissy nephews and of course the hostess for this party thoroughly prepares her own sissy for this special occasion.

Little Sissy Adventures - Go
Little sissie’s new mistress does not accept freeloaders, so she puts little sissy up on the streets to make some money. Picture story – 42 pictures

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